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Twitter and Social Networking Tutorial

Do you want people to know about your skills? Do you support the GMIC and want to get the word out about our conference? This is a very brief tutorial for those new to blogging, Twitter and other social networking. Our website makes it easy, so this tutorial aims to bridge the gap between using this site and getting the word out.

First, make sure your profile is set up with your homepage, blog, LinkedIn, etc. Make sure people who love what you say on this site can find your main profile.

Find interesting conversations on this website.

The trick to twitter is getting the right audience to notice you. Search for the "hashtags" like #gmic. If you post "I'm going to the #gmic conference" that's great and people who are already following us will see it. It's more powerful if you connect our conference to other communities. If you're a meeting planner, "Join me and other #meetingplanners at the #gmic conference" or "#meetingplanners will want to hear Anna Corley talk about green service contractors at http://bit.ly/erOj5D" These will show up for people in your non-GMIC community, hopefully drawing them to our conference! GMIC wants to reach a lot of communities: find yours online, and be the green leader that draws them in.

Post interesting content regularly. Don't repeat yourself too much: instead of posting "I'm going to the GMIC conference" every week, pick out a different speaker each week, go to their session page and tweet that you're interested in their topic.

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