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Stephen Cataldo's picture
Stephen Cataldo
From Oakland on SouthWest 2872 arriving 3:40pm Monday, share taxi or take the bus to downtown? Will check msgs on arrival-- 510-520-6175 (flying home not till Sunday) Mon 3:00 pm Sat 7:00 am OAK
Sasha Mazo's picture
Sasha Mazo
Would love to meet others attending the conference and hopefully share a taxi to the Westin hotel in downtown Denver Tue 10:00 am Fri 1:00 am SFO, SFO
Amanda Eriksen - CMP's picture
Amanda Eriksen - CMP
Direct flights: To Denver - United 6151, From Denver - United 6663 Would like to meet other Eugenians going to the conference. Tue 6:00 am Fri 6:00 pm EUG
Midori Connolly's picture
Midori Connolly
Flying in on the 8th (arrive approx 8PM) and depart 11th (9PM). Would love to share a ride to and/or from the airport (staying at Hyatt). Mon 9:00 pm Fri 4:00 am SAN
Marge Anderson's picture
Marge Anderson
Arriving Monday evening 8:29 on Delta 2199; need to leave hotel by noon on Friday. Would love to share a cab to / from Hyatt. Mon 8:30 am Thu 9:45 am
Elizabeth Glau's picture
Elizabeth Glau
I am renting a car and only staying at The Hyatt on Wed evening, but would love to give you a ride! Sat 11:00 am Thu 4:00 pm LAX
Megan Rooksby's picture
Megan Rooksby
Anyone arriving in DEN at 7:30pm on Monday night? Want to share a cab, shuttle? Or leaving the conference at 1:00pm on Thursday? Want to share a cab or shuttle? Mon 7:25 pm Thu 8:00 pm PDX
Jan Peter Bergkvist's picture
Jan Peter Bergkvist
Leaving with BA Fri 2:00 am Sat 12:15 am DEN
Candice Bothun's picture
Candice Bothun
I'd like to share a cab. I'm staying at the Marriott (2 blocks from Hyatt). Anyone arriving around 9pm on Monday night? Mon 9:00 pm Fri 1:45 am BWI
Mark Wallace's picture
Mark Wallace
Taking a taxi Friday Morning around 9:45am-10:00am. Can share if there is any interest. Sat 2:35 pm Fri 7:15 pm DEN
patti@perteam.com's picture
Would love share a ride to Hyatt. Arriving approx 7:20pm on the 8th and leaving Hyatt on the 11th at 1:30pm. 480.226.9952 Mon 7:30 pm Thu 8:30 pm SLC
Jayne Carmona's picture
Jayne Carmona
Share taxi. Arrive on Tuesday at 11am. Tue 11:05 am Thu 6:00 pm DCA, DEN
Bridget Johnson's picture
Bridget Johnson
Would like to share a ride from the airport to downtown area hotels on Monday night (9:45/10pm,) and back to the airport for 6pm flight on Thursday. Anyone have similar flight plans? Mon 9:45 pm Fri 1:00 am SAN
Judy Kucharuk's picture
Judy Kucharuk
Flying in on the 9th Air Canada flight 4008, arriving at 2:55 p.m., and staying at the Hyatt. Would love to share a ride to the hotel Tue 2:55 am Fri 3:00 pm YQU, YYC
admin's picture
Mon 1:10 pm Sat 9:45 am
Elizabeth Henderson's picture
Elizabeth Henderson
My flight is United 6222 arriving at 2:55 pm from Calgary on Tuesday. I'd love to share a taxi to the hotel. I depart Thursday around 8:30 pm. Tue 2:55 pm Fri 3:30 am YYC

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