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Marketing Communications: Social Media

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Digital and Social Media as Green Strategy: Is a paperless event possible? What can you do in your marketing and communications planning and implementation to work towards this goal?
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Wednesday: 1:30-3:00pm
Room: Korbel 4F
Nigel Brown
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I will presenting a case study of our use of the Spotme system during our annual congress to show how this has contributed towards our green strategy and will be covering the following items: • Brief background on ICCA and the ICCA Congress & Exhibition • Overview of the system adopted • Resourcing and financing • Practical implications onsite • Integration with social media • Usage and delegate feedback
Paul Salinger
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I will be co-presenting this session with Nigel Brown and presenting an overview on social media and digital marketing strategies and methodologies and how they can help reduce the overall impact of your event footprint. We'll look at how this can help with overall resource management and then we'll work together in a facilitated workshp format to think through key performance indicators and how you develop a digital/social strategy that can complement your marketing and audience engagement efforts to communicate and run a sustainable conference. As part of my role in marketing at Oracle, I sit in a group that is responsible for setting social media policies and guidelines, exploring emerging technologies and methodolgies in social media and digital media and evangelizing these across marketing. I also lead the effort to develop and implement the sustainability efforts for Oracle OpenWorld and am leading the effort to roll out a global green meeting strategy for all Oracle events.
Stephen Cataldo
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I'll be discussing this website built for the GMIC. While I talk about how social networking tools can help events, I want to hear back from the green event attendees here about every way that social networking can step in to help green an event: what resources can be replaced by sharing, by cutting out paper? What educational resources can the social networks seed? How can we generate green advocacy? How can we advertise green events?
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Is a paperless event possible? What can you do in your marketing and communications planning and implementation to work towards this goal? If you do have to print, how do you best manage this resource and minimize the impact to the environment and the waste stream?

Developing a good marketing communications strategy these days brings with it a need for event planners, designers and marketers to also understand new technologies that are coming on the market, sometimes at dizzying speeds. Some of these are purely about digital and social media that are now available as tools to replace traditional print marketing delivery vehicles. Some are about new technologies in paper production and printing that can help you be more sustainable in your pre-event marketing communications and event planning.
This session will focus on how marketing communications is not only changing from a one way marketing model to a two-way, dialogue driven marketing model, but how you can affect your marketing to be more sustainable and cost effective using new tools and methodologies that cut down on paper usage and printing and become an integral part of your green meeting strategy.
By attending this session participants will be able to:
• Identify tools available to help reduce paper usage; from logistics management to content management to overall marketing, communications management, and social media as a cost effective method for audience engagement
• Explain the world of post consumer paper, new technologies, and thinking in printing that can help reduce paper usage and make it more sustainable
• Develop a strategy to track resource use and emissions tracking through the pre-event and onsite event cycle.

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