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Imagining What’s Next: The Future of Meetings

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Power Session: From a tough economy and travel restrictions, to the rise of social media, meeting planners and suppliers are scrambling to cope with new factors that could either strengthen or derail their onsite programs.
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Wednesday: 1:30pm - 2:15pm
Room: Korbel 4C
Mitchell Beer
Nancy Wilson
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The next series of challenges is just over the horizon. These influences usually fall outside meeting professionals’ training and scope of work, but they’re becoming more and more important in shaping planners’ budgets and flexibility…and in determining whether some meetings are even held.

In this 45-minute Power Session, Nancy J. Wilson, CMP of MeetGreen® and Mitchell Beer, CMM of The Conference Publishers Inc. will give participants a rapid overview of the emerging issues facing the meetings industry, then lead a fast-paced discussion on what session participants are experiencing and how they can anticipate and address industry trends as they emerge.

In the true spirit of collaborative development, session participants will:
• Receive a brief snapshot of the issues and influences that are reshaping face-to-face meetings based on recent research,
• Identify what other meeting professionals are experiencing,
• Discuss how to respond to outside influences and determine the skills necessary to thrive in a future that is anything but “business as usual.”

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