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Colleague Requests & Classifieds: What Connections Are You Looking For?

vegetarian restaurant

looking for vegetarian restaurant
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Green Service Providers who want to share efforts or market together

Participate in an informal chat group for green service providers to discuss our goals, needs & sharing efforts.
Green Service Providers informal group
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Event Planner green business startup partner

This website grew out of an entrepreneurial startup weekend.

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Auditing Experience

Anyone with auditing experience to share tips on how to conduct a successful audit.

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Paperless: Providing the conference PDF without flash drives

For people who don't download the conference PDF from the web, some conferences are providing it via flash drive. Can we provide it wirelessly onsite, without having internet access?

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Websites like this one: ride, room, flight matching + schedules and discussions

SpaceShare Green Travel has been coordinating ride- room- flight- and taxi-sharing for festivals and conferences since 2003. With Sustainable Meetings 2010, we're adding custom websites like the one you're using now.

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CVB "Virtual Maps for Event Planners" mini-company partner

Are CVB's still handing out paper maps?

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Meet Your Colleagues REMOVE THIS >>

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