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Game On: Games and Team Formation at Sustainable Meetings 2011

Sustainable Meetings 2011 was unique, I haven't seen anything like it. The "Game On" game got people going to exhibitors who otherwise wouldn't have sat unvisited, and gave everyone a chance to be part of community for the duration of the conference. Samuel J.

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Blog: Vegan Food Isn't So Hard.

I just had a great, though low-protein, lunch at the DoubleTree in Portland. So good I tweeted it. They really put a lot of work into it, rice pilaf with thin eggplant wrapping and broccolini. It stands out because I've had many complex failures at vegetarian food at conference centers and hotels.

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Attendee Blog: Navel Tweeting vs Expansive Approaches

Navel tweeting is what conferences do when they struggle to fill a twitter stream with comments about their own event from people who aren't naturally inclined t tweet. But we're already here, live!

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Carbon Footprinting of an Event

A tremendous amount of time and effort go into organizing a truly sustainable event.

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Getting Started In Green Meetings

Sure you have all the information, but how do you take the first step with your key stakeholders. This is sometimes the hardest part and I am happy to help!

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British Standard 8901 implementation

I have experience implementing this standard that I am happy to share with others who may be considering it.

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Waste reclamation and sustainable product creation

Solutions exist to repurpose marketing signage and event wastes into sustainably produced promotional goods.

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Web-tech (especially open source) and social networking advice & brainstorming

Happy to do my best to answer website questions, especially related to opensource: web development, content management systems, discussion forums and social networking (e.g., this site).

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Green AV? Oxymoron? Maybe...

What do you think? Feeling skeptical? Most people are!
Please share your perceptions and ideas of what, exactly, constitutes Green AV.
Look forward to seeing you at the Green AV session!

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GMIC Board Member; VP, Marketing, Oracle

Being a board member I'm interested in hearing comments and feedback on how we can better serve members, build membership, build and develop strong chapters and the future of associations like GMIC.

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