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Conference Greening

2010 Greening Initiatives

The 2010 Sustainable Meetings Conference is being held with green principles in mind. Our first goal is to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint, and then secondly to offset those emissions we cannot avoid.

In addition, the GMIC is partnering with conference sponsor to offset the emissions produced by our event. Your support is integral to making a more energy efficient, green-powered world possible by supporting additional projects that are based locally in our host destination, as well as globally.

Why are we offsetting this way?

The Green Meeting Industry Council, in partnership with our conference sponsor will offset 100% of our meeting-generated CO2 emissions. We are also providing delegates with the option to participate in offsetting their air travel.

To do this we are partnering with our conference sponsor, a not-for-profit organization based in our host city of Denver, Colorado.

The Conference Program Committee has learned much in the recent years researching and determining an offset program. We hope by sharing our experience you might take away some lessons learned in developing your own offset.

Step 1: Determine priorities
  • The following priorities for offsetting the GMIC conference are taken into consideration.. The offset must:
  • Be provided at no direct cost to GMIC.
  • Enable a voluntary opportunity for individuals and organizations to sponsor offsets.
  • Provide education for our members about offsetting.
Step 2: Research organizations and set selection criteria
Selecting a carbon offset provider is not an easy process. New organizations that offset are emerging everyday and understanding and navigating the jargon of neutrality, additionality, permanence and carbon can be confusing for most. The GMIC has decided to:
  • Support a locally-based organization in the host destination.
  • Support both a local and global offset project, recognizing that our event has local impacts in terms of energy consumption and global effects on climate change.
  • Contribute to projects that are additional – or would not have otherwise occurred without our support.
  • Contribute to projects that are permanent – that is, they permanently remove GHG emissions from the atmosphere.
Step 3: Communicate and engage participants
As a voluntary program, our carbon offset relies on you – the delegate, exhibitor, speaker and sponsor – to take responsibility for your carbon footprint by purchasing an offset. The program committee has planned a diversity of outreach tactics to inform you of this option and its importance to us, through our web site, the registration process, onsite and following the event. Please join us by offsetting your conference footprint by visiting our sponsors website.

Find out how we are reducing the environmental impact of our meeting

The Green Meeting Industry Council is greening our 2010 conference by:
  • Selecting destinations that are able to respond to green requirements in our RFP.
  • Requesting and contracting the hotel and caterer to comply with environmental practices that reduce waste, conserve water, promote energy efficiency, and air and water quality.
  • Printing our conference program on 30% post-consumer recycled content paper, using soy-based inks.
  • Discouraging handouts and making presentations available online.
  • Requesting exhibitors minimize collateral material and provide sustainably-minded giveaways.
  • Providing a paperless registration service.
  • Collecting and re-using name badge holders and lanyards.
  • Providing scholarships to students to attend the Green Meetings 101 Training Seminar sponsored by IMEX Future Leaders Forum.
The Hyatt Regency Denver Convention Center has committed to implement the following for our event:
  • A recycling program that includes paper, glass, plastic, metals and organic waste.
  • A towel and sheet reuse program.
  • Practice energy efficiency by turning off lights and turning down the thermostat when the guest rooms are not occupied.
  • Not to replace consumable amenities daily unless they are gone, and to participate in an amenity donation program.
  • Use cleaning products that do not introduce toxins into the air or water.
The Colorado Convention Center and Caterer have committed to implement the following for our event:
  • A recycling program that includes paper, aluminum cans, glass, plastic, cardboard, wood pallets, and organic waste (compost).
  • Providing complimentary water cambros and recycled content paper cups.
  • China and linen meal service.
  • Condiments in bulk and juices, water and ice tea in pitchers instead of individual containers.
  • Menu selections that include local and organic products and provide vegetarian options.
  • Practice energy efficiency by turning off lights and HVAC when rooms are not occupied.
  • Use environmentally responsible cleaning products.
  • Purchasing hand towels and toilet paper which are 35% post-consumer content paper.
  • Purchasing a minimum 9% renewable energy.
We encourage you to join us in greening our conference by:
  • Walking or taking transit in the city, rather than taking a taxi. The hotel and convention center are conveniently located in the center of the business and cultural district.
  • Turning off the lights and heating in your room when it is not occupied.
  • Bring your own re-fillable mug or use the conference mug.
  • Reduce what you use and recycle what you can!

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