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The annual Sustainable Meetings Conference draws a network of senior, experienced meeting professionals who’ve built their green checklists into strategic action plans that support their companies’ core values and objectives. Attending the conference is the first step in making these thought leaders and decision-makers a part of your network.

Striking the Balance:

Meeting professionals have been struggling to find a balance between live and virtual meetings, and to cope with the mounting challenges surrounding air travel. The 2010 Sustainable Meetings Conference is a place to explore solutions that keep the participant experience front and center.

Measuring the Bottom Line:

Green performance metrics can only succeed environmentally if they pay off financially and socially. The sessions on facility and event measurement provide clear ways to assess the return your organization receives from its sustainability investments.

Managing and Mitigating Risk:

Leading organizations like Oracle, The Gap, the American Institute of Architects, and the U.S. Green Building Council know that sustainable meetings practices are the “right” thing to do. But it also mitigates risk. For top associations and Fortune 500 businesses, sustainable meetings are a great way to demonstrate good citizenship and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Scaling It Up: Using Global Standards:

The program for the 2010 Sustainable Meetings Conference is built around the green meetings standard that will soon be released by the CIC's (APEX). In addition the APEX performance evaluation standards are presented within the global context of international sustainable event management practice (BS8901). Learning the practicalities of how to apply these standards will be an advantage for every organization that participates in the conference.

Get Informed, Interact, Be Inspired
Lead the movement. 
Join us.
Scale It Up!

Purchase Carbon Offsets for Your Trip to the Sustainable Meetings Conference

The Colorado Carbon Fund is providing carbon offsets to mitigate the impacts of energy used for the Sustainable Meetings Conference in Denver. GMIC encourages all attendees, vendors, and sponsors to calculate and offset the emissions from your travel to Denver via the Colorado Carbon Fund. Go to Visit Denver’s Carbon Calculator to calculate your individual carbon footprint for the Conference, based on how far you are traveling and the length of your hotel stay. You can then choose to offset your emissions by contributing to the Colorado Carbon Fund. All contributions to the Fund support new clean energy projects in Colorado which reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks for helping GMIC to lead by example!

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